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American Accurate Components

American Accurate Components (AAC) has been in the electronic component industry for more than 20 years, first making a direct presence in the North American market.  Our industry experience as and well-developed relationships with large OEM customers gave reason in 1998, to expand its product line via AAC, Inc. and its manufacturing partners.

Our quality components and materials gave way to the manufacturing of  precision components.  When you choose AAC as your supplier partner, AAC can give even the smallest of requirements the attention your company requires. AAC does its best to ensure that you will not been lost in the shuffle of red tape and corporate procedures that tend to slow response time. AAC enjoys a one-on-one, personal relationship with its customers and the individuals we assist.

AAC has the ability to expand to meet your requirements. This flexibility allows us to grow to meet your specific project needs. This benefit will have a profound impact on our customers' ability to focus on operative goals and cost efficiency.

Логотип: American Accurate Components Сайт: http://www.aacix.com/


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