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Applied Micro Circuits Corp

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation is a global leader in computing and connectivity solutions for next-generation cloud infrastructure and data centers. AppliedMicro delivers silicon solutions that dramatically lower total cost of ownership. Corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California. Our base business consists of a broad array of embedded computing and connectivity products. Our flagship X-Gene® Server-on-a-Chip™ product will lead our entire product portfolio in hyperscale data centers, increasing by 2016 our overall addressable market to as much as 10x that of 2008 levels. We anticipate our new addressable market will consist of server solutions for cloud data centers and enterprise applications, data center connectivity solutions and a variety of related products including routers, network-attached storage appliances, top of rack switches, and wireless access points. No other small-cap semiconductor company can match the explosive addressable market growth we have engineered.

X-Gene builds on our history as a global leader in providing energy-efficient, sustainable solutions to process and transport information for current and next generation networks. Being a leader in processor design, embedded processor System-on-Chip (SoC) design, mixed-signal design, high speed signal processing, Internet protocol, OTN and Ethernet packet processing gives AppliedMicro the foundation to compete and excel in the next several generations of solutions.

Логотип: Applied Micro Circuits Corp Сайт: http://www.apm.com/


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