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INPAQ is a leader in circuit protection components and antenna products for computing, communication, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics.  INPAQ offers a complete line of EMI/EMC Solution, Over Voltage Protection, and RF Solution that are all designed to make electronic products to work smoothly and effectively.  With cutting edge technology, INPAQ has applied 306 intellectual properties.  Among them, 162 have been registered.

To grow drastically in highly-competitive market with improved efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness, and to step on leading position in advanced electronic and RF components.
To continuously strengthen core competence and expand business capability with prompt service response and supports to ensure the greatest satisfaction to customers.
Developing new technologies is one of INPAQ's core competencies. With continuous investments in R&D for new products, INPAQ is well prepared to meet customer's future needs. Our proven record of innovation has contributed to our customers success.
Our expertise and experience in material science, process technology and automation gives INPAQ the capability to respond to the changing demands of the market quickly.

INPAQ supports their customers with 4 laboratories in Taiwan and China including Sales and FAE support in Taiwan, China, Korea & North America.

Логотип: Inpaq Сайт: http://www.inpaq.com.tw/


Иногда в телевизоре гетинаксовые платы с печатным монтажом от повышенных температур обугливаются (выгорают).


Крупную деталь можно паять и обычным паяльником (25-40 Вт), если разогреть ее, например, на газовой плите.