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Interpion Semiconductor

It has been 30 years since I was interested in semiconductor. Nobody could imagine semiconductor became thriving like today 30 years ago. It was obvious for me that semiconductor would be the source of Korean prosperity. Thus, I has been devoted myself to making Korea one of the leading countries in the field of semiconductor.

I will never change my mind about that now and in the future. Interpion, a Korean semiconductor company becomes one of the most important companies in Korea thanks to its technological advantage. It also contributes Korea develop into one of the best countries in sphere of semiconductor. There is no one who knows the end of technological evolution. The speed of the technological development is getting faster. Therefore, we will never stop developing our semiconductor technology.We do our best until the customers are satisfied with the quality and function of our products. Interpion would take pride in that we have played a role for the mankind's happiness and put our best efforts in our products for the mankind's welfare.

For the very best semiconductor of the world. For the continuous development of Korea. Furthermore, for the more human happiness. We will do our best for keeping our promise. The mythology of Interpion Semiconductor has just begun and it will be eternal.



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