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Nanjing Micro One Electronics Inc .is a High—Tech Enterprises headquartered in Nanjing,specialized in the development of ASIC chips since founding in 1999.The business covers the R&D and marketing of SAIC chips and a variety of ASIC chips—based electronic products used in information home appliance, wireless and digital communication, network technology and other areas.

     We specialize in the development and marketing of power management products. The main products include Step—Up DC/DC、LDO、LED Driver、Charge Pump etc. Which supply the solutions for electronic equipment in the main chips and related to provide high—quality and stable power supple solutions.

     In 2000, we had been first identified as high tech enterprises by national integrated circuit design corporation and provincial and municipal high—tech corporation , achieved a significant breakthrough in team building product development quality control customer service areas.

     In2002 , we had past the ISO9001/2000 Quality Management System , to guarantee the best products and powerful technological support for clients . We have consistently adhered to use customer requirements is our pursuit goals according to the customer’s request for designing and developing products we guarantee to provide quality technical support and comprehensive product platform to increase customer competitive advantage.

     We inherit pioneering and innovative elaborate design leading technology customer satisfaction complete system continual improvement to improve our quality and we committed to establish reciprocal and long—term relationship with customers sostenuto Concentration and specialty are our business philosophy Since Micro One founding we have focused on the development of designing capabilities foe analogue integrated circuit . Based on developing own core technologies following the specialization mixed digital—analog working pursuiting to run specialized analogue integrated circuit design IC company.

Логотип: MicroOne Сайт: http://www.microne.com.cn/


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