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UNITRON® specializes in high quality, precision instruments for industrial, metallurgical, materials science, research and educational applications. Since 1952, UNITRON’S microscopes and related optical accessories have been consistently used and trusted worldwide in such prestigious companies as Intel, BAE Systems, ITT, GE, Williams Co., DuPont, Boeing, 3M, Alcoa, MIT, Raytheon, SONY, Texas Instruments, iRobot, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies and the Mayo Clinic.


From our U.S. owned and operated facilities we provide the management, quality control, design, marketing and customer service that make UNITRON® microscopes a market leader. Through our worldwide network of manufacturing facilities we are able to manufacture superior instruments and optical components to our specifications at reasonable prices. To ensure the best in quality and performance we visit, inspect and audit each of our manufacturing partners on a regular basis.


Upon receipt in our New York warehouse, each of our microscopes is unpacked, assembled and individually tested and inspected by our team of technicians to ensure compliance with the strict quality standards we have established over the past 60 years.

Our products are available exclusively through a nationwide network of authorized distributors and are backed by our industry leading five-year limited warranty.

Логотип: UNITRON Сайт: http://www.unitronusa.com/


При замене радиодетали освободить отверстие от припоя можно заострённой спичкой.


Семь раз отмерь, один раз отрежь. И не перепутай!

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