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Nuts And Volts

Nuts and Volts №4 2013

Написал MACTEP в 11.05.2013 18:30:00 (3050 прочтений)

NUTS and VOLTSНазвание: Nuts and Volts
Издательство: nutsvolts.com
Год: 2013

Месяц: April
Страниц: 84
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15.5 Мб
Качество: Отличное
Язык: English

Nuts and Volts - популярный журнал по электронным компонентам и схемотехнике для любителей и специалистов любого уровня.


Projects & Features
30   The Retro-Shield: Where the Past Meets the Present
         Combine a vintage vacuum tube with an Arduino for an updated version of an AM broadcaster.
         ■ By David Goodsell
38   Hacking the Nine-LED Flashlight
         The simple circuit in these now common flashlights actually eats through batteries pretty fast.

         This hack adapts the flashlight to use an external power source, and adds a pulsed drivei circuit

         for better efficiency.
         By Dan Gravatt

43   How to Make Professional Looking Control Panels and Enclosures —

         Don't you hale it when you've worked really hard on a project, only to have the finished product look like

         a six year old put it together?This tutorial will show you a cheap and easy way to make great looking

         panels and enclosures when you aren't able to utilize professional services.

         By Gordon McComb


10   TechKnowledgey 2013
         Events, Advances, and News
         Tapping into tap water, a super "duper," and core memory's 60th anniversary are just a few of the things

         you'll read about this time.
14   PlCAXE Primer
         Sharpening Your Tools of Creativity
         Experimenting With Parallel lask Processing. All M2-class processors include this new software feature

         that allows them to simulate a multi-core processor by rapidly switching between two or more separate

21   Q&A
         Header Questions Answered Here
         Topics include a pet trainer, bandpass filters, a push on/push off circuit, a DC servo, a voltage reducer,

         plus Mailbag.
54   Smilev's Workshop
         Programming • Hardware • Projects The Arduino Proto Shield Alarm Clock — continued some more.
         We're winding down our discussion on how to use Frilling to take an Arduino design from
         prototype to production.

60   The Design Cycle
         Advanced Techniques for Design Engineers

         Walking the USB Bridge into Androidville. FTDI gave us the power to easily embed USB functionality

         into our projects with the FT232RL. The FT311D USB Android host 1С enables us to walk across the

         USB bridge that FTDI built into Androidville.
68   Open Communication
         The Latest in Networking and Wireless Technologies
         60 GHz Wireless Transports HDTV. Transmitting uncompressed digital high definition television signals

         is no easy task. Learn about the technologies that are currently being used to accomplish these



27      SHOWCASE


78      TECH FORUM
80      AD INDEX


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