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A-POWER ELECTRIC CO., LTD established in 1993 is a major manufacturer and designer of the brushless DC Fan. Our major customers, including LITE-ON,QUANTA, MSI, TWINHEAD, CLEVO (KAPOK), UINWILL, FOXCONN and MITAC etc., are the most well-known companies around the world. Due to our outstanding skill, excellent quality and best service, we have won a good world reputation including, Europe, America, Mainland China, Japan and Korea. Under the President Mr. Liao's work style of the appropriate leadership, and the colleague's efforts, our company has gained much growth and profit, especially in technique move up and customer's applause. But this situation does not satisfy our company fully, since it starts to develop new products the high natural brushless DC motor for home appliances. Our company's management notion is" fully responsibility, non-stop creative notion, customer orientation and up-to-date management" and accompanying this concept the company aims to monopolize the leading position of a higher quality and performance of motor manufacturer in international management level, the president has decided to introduce ISO 9001 to the company, realizing it to provide the most service to customers.
A-POWER has an engineering group to design and produce quality products with ISO 9001 certification. We use our advanced engineering skills and on-going commitment to R&D to understand the technology roadmaps and needs of our customers and allow us to grow with our customers. The fan research and testing capability used by A-POWER also enable us to enhance efficiency, reduce the cost and better meet their needs. We would like to work with you to grow your business. We also accept OEM orders or ODM customized design product specification.

Логотип: A-Power



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