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Advanced Power Technologies

Gary Hoffman, our current President & CEO, founded Advanced Power Technologies (APT) in May of 1999, with the introduction of the TTC-1000 electronic temperature monitor (ETM) for electric power transformers.

The goal during design of the TTC-1000 was to produce a product that was high quality and maintenance-free, but also a product that was fully featured at an affordable price. Gary was successful in meeting this goal. Since then the TTC-1000 has been installed on thousands of transformers across
the United States and Canada.

In 2011 APT released it's "Next Gen" transformer monitor, ECLIPSE, a transformer monitoring platform.  ECLIPSE is designed to be the hub of the transformer monitoring system, integrating data from everywhere around a transformer.  Customers rave about ECLIPSE's ease of use, it's flexibility, and it's low cost.

Since it’s inception, the company has grown to become an industry leader in the transformer temperature monitoring business. The reason for this is clear, and it comes down to our belief in four basic operating principles:

1. Customer Service is our top priority.
2. We design products that are maintenance free.
3. We design fully featured products at an outstanding value.
4. We believe strongly in our lifetime warranty, and always stand behind it.

Our relationship with our customers is the most valuable asset to our business model. We are committed to the partnership from the beginning by providing on-site commissioning assistance, settings assistance & drawing creation, free on-site training, and on-going technical support for the lifetime of the product.

Since our products are maintenance free, you never have to worry about calibration or the accuracy of our product measurements. We’ve designed it that way to help you save some of your maintenance budget.

We hope you will try our products and see why they are simply the best products at the best value.

Логотип: Advanced Power Technologies



Это интересно. Если надо паять нихромовую проволоку - не соединений, работающих в невысоких температурах - можно легко облудить и пропаять соединение в обычной лимонной кислоте.

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