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AEM is dedicated to the design and engineering of premium performance electronics for racers. We live Motorsports and our involvement in both professional and amateur racing – on four wheels or two; in the dirt, sand, salt, snow, water or track – is what inspires us to create our products. We strive to deliver the best racing electronics solutions at the best price.

But what does that really mean? It means that we race (or help someone who does) in our off time. We buy and install parts just like you, and we don’t like to compromise. So, if we identify a unique product idea that delivers a real solution or figure out a way to make something work better for less money, we make it. We are inspired by helping race teams go faster, set records and win championships because that is what drives us both professionally and personally. WE GET IT – from your point of view.


When racer and enthusiasts buy AEM performance parts, they are getting the finest engineering, highest quality and best value our industry has to offer. Look no further than our products for proof. Years ago, we wanted to make a stand alone engine management available to the masses by developing a Programmable Engine Management System (EMS) that plugs into a factory wiring harness. We did, and our Series 1 and 2 Plug & Play EMS systems are on thousands of racecars. But if you aren’t improving, your aren’t winning, which is why we are proud to introduce our Infinity programmable engine management system. It’s a quantum leap over our existing technology and almost any engine control technology you can find anywhere. Its only tuning is – truly – your imagination.
Our Wideband UEGO Controller was the first product to incorporate a gauge interface with a wideband air/fuel controller. We’ve upped the ante again by introducing a Wideband Failsafe Device – a combined Wideband controller unit and boost gauge that proactively monitors AFR and Boost to save your engine should your AFR stray outside of a selected range.
In 2007, we introduced our Water/Methanol Injection System and have refined the components to deliver what we feel is the most reliable system on the market. But failures happen, and since we could not find a Failsafe device that truly protected an engine, we design one. Our water/Methanol Failsafe device monitors the entire injection curve to trigger an alarm event under any condition, allowing you to use your water/methanol system with complete peace of mind.

And there’s more! From our new AQ-1 Data Logger, to our Dyno-Shaft On-Vehicle Dynomometer to our High Output Coils that deliver CDI spark energy and inductive coil-like duration, we design, engineer and source parts that work better, offer more features and ultimately help you win.


Top magazines and websites constantly put our products to the test. We put these articles and links on our website so you can see for yourself. What you will find is that time and again, the results of these independent reviews prove our products are engineered to outperform the competition. It’s our mission, and also why you find our products under the hood of top race teams in all forms of Motorsports.


We want to be the top competitor in performance electronics, and we plan to do it through constant product innovation, the highest level of product integrity, being a price/value leader and most importantly, by putting our customers first. If you ever want to tell us how we are doing give us a call. We will listen. Your faith in our products and critical feedback will ensure we achieve our Vision.



  • The customer comes first
  • A strong work ethic and professional approach
  • Honesty, integrity and respect
  • Clear, concise communication

The results of these efforts are a strong presence throughout the industry, and one that sends a clear, consistent message: AEM products are Engineered To Outperform.

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Нихромовая проволока, из которой изготовлены спирали, очень плохо облуживается с помощью канифольных флюсов. Поэтому весьма трудно сделать какой либо контакт с ней надежным.