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BERG Electronics has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of electronic interconnect systems and products for almost 50 years. By developing leading-edge technologies that became the standards for the industry, BERG continues its dedication to the best price/performance in its products and customer service. Along with this continuous commitment to engineered customer solutions, BERG is well-positioned in growth markets and plans to expand its leadership role in the future.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, USA, BERG is a leading worldwide supplier of interconnect systems and products including connectors, sockets and cable assemblies. Its broad range of products serve the computing, telecommunications, industrial and instrumentation markets, and many more. BERG's 22 manufacturing and assembly facilities and three design engineering centers are networked globally and strategically located around the world: USA, Mexico, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom (including Scotland), Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, China, India.

BERG gives its customers the engineered solutions they need, when they need them -- whether it's inside or outside the box! With over 105 product lines and more than 2,200 patents, BERG is one of the largest manufacturers of high-performance, high-density, and leading-edge connector systems and products in the world. Products range from board-to-board, wire-to-board, and cable-to-board connectors, sockets, fiber optic interconnects, internal and external cable assemblies. BERG is your connector solution!

With such a broad product range, BERG products can be found in most industries including computers, telecommunications, automotive, instrumentation, medical, and consumer product applications.

Market Driven:
BERG has a market-driven philosophy. Whatever solutions the market dictates, BERG will respond. There is an accelerating demand for miniaturization, higher densities, and faster operating speeds, with shorter product life cycles necessitating reduced time-to-market. BERG holds thousands of patents on products that were developed because the market needed engineering solutions fast . . . and BERG responded first!

Customer Focused:
In addition to responding to market demands, BERG is focused on the customers who make up those markets. We respond to our customers' needs with high-tech solutions, reduced cycle times, broad product ranges, and a variety of tools that make it easy to do business with BERG. And our path-to-market ensures fast product availability for customers at all levels.

All of Berg's design and manufacturing facilities are globally networked and strategically located so that you can get whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you're located. In addition, BERG is certified ISO 9001 worldwide! That means our customers are assured of the highest in quality and reliability standards.

Corporate Growth:
BERG is one of the fastest growing electronic connector companies in the world today. We are committed to whatever it takes to serve our customers' needs quickly and with the highest of quality and reliability. This means that BERG will continue to grow -- both internally with the necessary talented personnel and externally with acquisitions that fill our customers' product needs.

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