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CSR is a pioneering designer and developer of silicon and software for the consumer electronics market. We help to transform the lives of motorists, photographers, music lovers, mobile phone users and other gadget-loving consumers.

CSR is dedicated to finding simple solutions to complex problems. Using our track record working with leading brands, our highly skilled engineers develop world-class technologies that realise the potential of a wide range of devices to make peoples' lives and experiences easier, richer and more varied.

Our energies are focused on five sectors:

    Voice and music, including headsets, speakers and docks for high definition wireless experiences
    Indoors Location, helping to bring the outdoors in and allowing  people to find their way around airports or shopping centres for example
    Automotive infotainment, driving innovative solutions for the auto industry with the integration of smartphones and in-vehicle systems
    Bluetooth® Smart, capitalising on low energy connectivity for a range of devices
    Imaging (cameras and printers), delivering integrated connectivity, location and imaging

CSR is at the forefront of developing semiconductors and software for a host of world-leading technology platforms and standards, including Bluetooth®, GPS and other location technologies, FM radio, Wi-Fi®, Near Field Communication and numerous others.

As the demand for our products has grown, and the range of devices and applications proliferated, we have expanded into new markets including voice, music and gaming. To reinforce our commitment, we have acquired companies in these sectors including SiRF in 2009, aptX® in 2010 and Zoran in 2011.

Логотип: CSR



Обработанные водным раствором щелочи стальные контакты (например, батарейного отсека переносной магнитолы или пульта ДУ) никогда не заржавеют.