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Curtis Electromusic Specialties

Curtis Electromusic Specialties was founded in 1979 for the purpose of providing the manufacturers
of electronic musical instruments and their accessories with the best possible design solutions. 
Initial projects included the design of custom integrated circuits for Oberheim Electronics and Arp Instruments.  While continuing to consult with such companies, Curtis Electromusic developed a
unique and versatile microprocessor controlled synthesizer using the first of our custom IC’s, the
Lin-Log Synthesizer.

As a natural extension of these projects, Curtis Electromusic Specialties began to expand the line of music synthesizer “chips.”  Much effort was spent developing novel circuit design techniques to not only overcome the deficiencies of presently available IC’s, but to do so with significantly fewer integrated components and hence in a smaller chip size.  The result: a new standard of high performance available to the manufacturers of electronic musical instruments at the lowest possible cost.  The first product, the CEM3310 quickly found its way into designs by Oberheim Electronics and Moog Instruments.

For applications that could not be fulfilled by the CES standard products, the company offered proprietary technology for custom IC design.  Thus, the manufacturer was always assured of receiving custom devices with better performance and lower cost than available from any other source.

Логотип: Curtis Electromusic Specialties



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