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Electronic Devices


EDI was established in 1951 in Brooklyn, New York as a manufacturer of low voltage selenium rectifiers for the home entertainment market. The company moved in 1960 from Brooklyn to New Rochelle, NY and in 1963 moved to its preset location in Yonkers, NY.

During the period of the 1960’s and 1970’s, EDI was a force in the television industry, supplying diodes for television multipliers to such U.S. television builders as RCA and Zenith as well as Philips and ITT in Europe. As the far Eastern price competition became more pronounced, EDI began to move away from the commodity-type rectifier business and more towards its current position as a supplier of high performance products.

EDI’s product line consists of a range of highly specialized silicon rectifiers, standard and special high voltage assemblies, rectifier bridges, surface mount devices and diode arrays. EDI manufactures approximately 95% of its product complete; the balance is purchased with the EDI brand and sold as is or assembled in to special packages.

Product Lines and Sales Mix

    Bridge rectifiers: 1 ampere through 120 amperes, 50 volts through 1200 volts, single-phase and three-phase configurations.
    Axial lead rectifiers: 5 milliamperes through 6 amperes, 50 volts through 30,000 volts, in standard, fast recovery and ultra-fast recovery.
    Night vision diodes and arrays: Ultra-low leakage, sub-miniature high voltage diodes and diode arrays.
    Assemblies: Catalog and custom designed rectifier assemblies covering a broad spectrum of voltages (up to 250,000 volts), currents (up to 25 amperes), and package styles.
    Surface mount devices: Rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, UHF diodes, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes, switching diodes, transistors and junctions fets.

EDI’s outside sales force consists of North American sales representative organizations, North American distributors, and a network of foreign rep / distributor organizations (agents) worldwide.

EDI has frequently introduced innovative designs:

    In the 60’s with the patented MINISEL high voltage focus rectifiers used in TV’s.
    In the 70’s with high voltage multipliers in TV’s and microwave ovens.
    In the 80’s with nigh vision diodes used in military night vision rifle sights and aviator goggles.
    In the 90’s with the introduction of the ultra-fast recovery bridges and surface mount devices

Currently, EDI operates in three locations, Yonkers, NY, Fujian, China and Nagold, Germany.

Yonkers is corporate headquarters and all administration, engineering, marketing and finance is controlled through this location. Manufacturing in Yonkers comprises silicon processing, acid operations, quality, engineering and some relatively minor packaging and shipping.

EDI-Fujian established in 1994 is strictly a manufacturing facility to perform processes such as lead attachment, testing, encapsulation (molding and potting), marking and packaging and shipping.

EDI Halbleiter, since 1977, is a sales subsidiary handling all business in Germany.

Логотип: Electronic Devices



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