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EskaSince more than 50 years we have been producing fuses and fuse-links in Kassel, and take pride on our products "Made in Germany". A part of our fully automatic production includes the assembly of devices by user-specific demands.

Not only approbations like VDE, Semko and UL, are self-evident for our products, but also the certified Quality-Management-System DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 by VDE, which provides a ceiling of quality and steadiness to our customers.

ESKA offers an extensive assortment of SMD-fuses, subminiature-fuses, resettable fuses (PTC-fuses), temperature-fuses and NTC's, to be competitive to a market which is always in development.

Further in our delivery program you can find the products of the English company Bulgin, such as connectors, polysnaps, switches and battery- holders.

Every customer wishes can be fulfilled quickly by the worldwide representation of our sales partners.

Please review our effectiveness on the following pages.

Have a good time!

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