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Force Technologies

Force Technologies Ltd. provides a continued manufacturing source for discontinued or obsolete semiconductors, such as Memories  Microprocessors, Linear, Logic, Opto and discrete, devices in order to support many legacy products in all industries.

Force Technologies Ltd. is a privately owned company, established over a quarter of a century ago. From our purpose-built premises in Wiltshire and through a global network of manufacturing partners, we manage the design and manufacture of obsolete electronic components for customers around the world.

  • Continued manufacturing source
  • Purpose-built, UK engineering & support centre
  • Customers & partners world-wide

Customers within Space, Military, Aerospace, Industrial and many commercial sectors select Force Technologies Ltd. for our ability to provide long term support of obsolete items, and our commitment to excellent levels of customer satisfaction which is independently audited by a third party.

Force Technologies Ltd are:

  • Committed to excellence in all sectors
  • Certified & approved to manufacture, test & storage
  • Working to our Continuous Improvement Plan
  • Financially independent

Our extensive range of die and wafers are handled and stored to JEDEC standards and our  manufacturing/re-creation solutions are both in accordance with Mil-Std 883 and AS9100 compliant, delivering quality replacements to plastic, & hermetic parts for DMS (diminished manufacturing sources) and EOL (end of life) products.
For industries with requirements for extended product life cycle, Force Technologies Ltd. provides a valuable continuing supply of vital electronic devices and components.

Логотип: Force Technologies



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