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FORCE Technology

At FORCE Technology we consider our customers to be paramount whether it concerns counselling or service of private or public businesses in Denmark and internationally.

We focus on product and concept development, design, production optimisation and operation and maintenance of industrial facilities within the following areas:

    Optimisation and automation of production and processes
    Material use, protection and analyses
    Inspection, testing, calibration, verification and certification
    Maritime technology
    Integrity Management
    Utilization and development of sensor technologies
    Optimisation and development of management systems
    Energy, climate and environment.

Our competences are built on a solid foundation with more than 70 years of experience within innovative development and use of knowledge and technology.

We offer our customers unique competitive advantages through our flexible, innovative and value added solutions that are based on confidence and close cooperation, which adds value to both parties.

FORCE Technology's headquarters are located in Brøndby outside Copenhagen. We also operate subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, USA, Russia, China and Singapore.

Логотип: FORCE Technology



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