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FORMOSA MICROSEMI CO. LTD was founded on July 1996. The original founder and chairman of the board, madam Irene Yang , worked at quality control department of an American company -General Semiconductor Co. in 1970s. Then she changed to Rectron CO.,Ltd. to be in an office of a deputy manager of the production department and a factory manager, etc. In 1986, she established DII TAIWAN CO., LTD. (The said company now belongs to the Liton Group). Afterwards, she also established MicroSemi TAIWAN Co., LTD. (The said company is an affiliated company invested in Taiwan by an American listed company) as the general manager. She has involved in semiconductor manufacturing for more than twenty years. Due to personal health reason, chairman Yang transferred most of her stock shares to present the board chairman & general manager, Mr. Ben W.P. Huang , in July 1997.


Mr. Ben W.P. Huang accomplished his studies in a high technology professional school and a university as a part-time student in 1970s. He graduated from Taipei Municipal Technology professional Schoolin 1974 (now called Taipei Municipal Ta An high Technology professional School) majoring in mechanical drafting, and from Accounting Dept. of Feng Chia University in 1979. He worked from a basic position and his working experience includes salesman in Yung Heng Electric & Machinery Company, salesman in KAILITRON Co., Ltd. , an assistant lecturer in the accounting department of Feng Chia University , a section chief, a deputy manager and a manager in subsequence of the finance department in Rectron Ltd. , a director of the general administration division in SMTEK Precision Electronic Co., Ltd. . He also was a director of board of Rectron Ltd. , a supervisor of board of DBTEL Imorpoated Co.and a supervisor of board of Leadtek Research INC.. He has a lot of experience in buying and selling of electronic parts, semiconductor production and business of computer’s peripheral equipment.

When production of rectifying diodes is gradually transferred to Mainland China, only products with higher added values can survive in Taiwan. Therefore presently, Schottky barrier diodes (which have lower leaking current, larger efficiency with the highest unit price among all the rectifying diodes; in the times asking speed, a tendency that Schottky barrier diodes gradually replaces traditional diodes has been forming.) presently have three production modes including those of 1 ampere, 3 ampere and 5 ampere. The planning of productivity includes the mini mode 1 ampere for 1KK, and the modes 1 ampere for 6KK and 3 ampere for 2KK in production operations of welding and shaping, the rest is finished by contractor’s processing. At present, our most and chief clients are domestic OEMs of semiconductors and brokers for electric parts’ traders. We sell a small number of them under our own brand to domestic clients. In view that the electronic parts are developing towards the modes being light, thin, short and small, various surface adhesion diodes will be the main products in the future. So, we have developed new products of the mode 1 ampere SMA in the markets since 1999 and will develop a series of other products later. The said mode 1 ampere SMA has obtained the patents of U.S.A and Taiwan separately, and will be the main stream of the next generation of diode.


Our company’s principle of operation is: “Innovation, speed, diligence and frugality; creating benefits; enthusiasm, sincerity, trustiness and righteousness; prospect in future.” We hold this principle to manage for and cooperate with our stockholders, staff and related assisting manufacturers. Regarding quality, our spirit is to do according to what Dr. Dai Ming said: “quality is satisfying products and services to customers.” So, our quality policy is “quality first, service first and satisfaction of customers.” Based on the aforesaid ideas and policy, we’re marching on the international stage as a recruit of diode industry.


With the diligent spirit we are striving to reach our goal and to make our dreams come true.

Логотип: Formosa



Контактные щетки для микродеталей, электробритв и т.п. можно выпилить из графитовых стержней от старых батареек питания.