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Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics

· Established in 1972 with a registered capital of 853 million yuan and total assets of approx. 5 billion yuan
· Director-General of Strategic Alliance of Technical Innovation in Chinese IC Assembly and Testing Industrial Chain
· A National Key High-Tech Enterprise
· National Engineering Laboratory for High-Density IC Assembly and Testing Technologies (The Sole One in China)
· In2003, listed in the A-Share Section on Shanghai Stock Exchange, China (The first listed company in the semi-conductor assembly and testing industry in Mainland China)
· In 2010, ranked as NO.9 Company in the global semi-conductor assembly and testing industry with a sales volume of 531 million US dollars (NO.1 in Mainland China)
· We possess over 600 patents at both home and abroad, while some 10 or more domestic or foreign famous semi-conductor enterprises have been authorized to use these patents
· Provide our clients with the one-stop complete set of production and services including test and assembly designs, product development and assembly and testing as shown in the picture.
· We possess a full range of assembly modes such as WL-CSP, BGA, FCBGA, LGA-Module, QFN, DFN, QFP, FBP, SOP, SOT, SOD, DIP, SIP and TO, etc, and master such internationally synchronous assembly technologies as wafer bumping, SiP, TSV, 12”wafer technology and copper wire bonding, etc so that our company is the enterprise with most complete set of product types and fullest range of assembly technologies in the Chinese assembly and testing industry , and is therefore, known as the “ Wal-Mart” in the semi-conductor assembly and testing industry
· Our strict and refined quality assurance system can guarantee that the quality standards of Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd always stay abreast of international advanced level, and these standards have gained the accreditation of such green partners as SONY. As a result, we have received the Best Supplier Award from such clients as TI, Skyworks, Cypress, Fairchild and BCD, etc.
· Our Professional Customer Service Team of International Level and Advanced Information Management System.

Логотип: Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics



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