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The LINEAR DIMENSIONS team brings commitment, vision, and proven management expertise required to assure fast and sustained growth in the analog IC market.

Our strength is analog design expertise, subsidized by willingness, know-how, and commitment to partner with our customers, vendors, and other affiliates.


For many years, we’ve been developing strong affiliations with corporate institutions in North America, Asia, and Europe, building an unprecedented foundation of design and process capabilities. Linear Dimensions is a trusted partner vendor for critical Analog ASICs to many leading Fortune 1000 companies. Areas of particular design expertise include power & protection, amplifiers & filters, microprocessor peripheral & interface functions, RF & communications ICs, drivers, switches, and function programmable devices. Our process portfolio is equally substantial, covering a wide range of optimized analog and mixed-signal variations from high voltage (600V) and power processes, down to deep submicron (.11um) high speed CMOS, RF and BiCMOS.


Linear Dimensions is constantly striving to broaden and enhance its analog IC design capabilities to maintain growth in a dynamic market. Our vision includes working with clients in growing markets to develop custom and proprietary products, even while volumes may not interest other IC manufacturers. This attitude, creative design ideas, clever implementation using proven techniques, and the ability to see the big picture, are our most valued attributes. As we enter into custom projects, we strive to understand our customers’ needs and desired results, becoming part of their design solution as team members.

Логотип: LinearDimensions



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