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MEMSIC delivers Powerful Sensing Solutions to enhance your life. With sight and sound, touch and smell we establish communication with the world around us. Just as our eyes sense light and our ears sense sound and relay that information to our brain enabling us to sense the environment, sensors comprehend the world around us and relay these electrical signals back through intricate Integrated Circuitry (IC) and electronic systems.


MEMSIC enables intelligent powerful sensing solutions by combining all the essential elements for your application needs. By integrating IC and electronic system functionality with our solid-state low-cost sensors, we have launched solutions to optimize your life. Gaming systems have taken the player experience to new levels by sensing our actions and motion; cars are intrinsically safer by automatically sensing and controlling the movement of the vehicle; industrial equipment and machines perform their functions without human intervention; mobile phones have built-in intelligence so they can respond to our gestures and position, simplifying the user interface, and also providing us with location-aware service;, the surrounding environment responds to us when instrumented with wireless sensors; avionics equipment has been retrofitted with our high performance yet lower cost systems… The possibilities are endless when the solutions are effective.


MEMSIC (MEMS + IC) is unique because we develop breakthrough MEMS sensors components and system integration technologies. We are experts at making a wide variety of products smaller and lower cost. Our broad range of products target diverse market segments, from consumer electronics to industrial automation to aerospace. Because we provide both sensor components and sensor systems MEMSIC has a deep well of knowledge in how sensors are used in a system, and this makes us especially qualified to provide our customers with optimal sensor solutions, application support, and innovative algorithms and applications. And we are constantly working hard to earn our customers’ trust. Our vision and expertise provide the highest quality and reliability in the industry at a price that makes sense for even the most cost-sensitive application. We are a cutting edge technology company driving the advancement of sensors and sensing solutions to create a better life for all.

Building Powerful Sensing Solutions for a Better Life!

Логотип: MEMSIC



Во время поиска небольших радиодеталей, упавших со стола, вероятность их обнаружения прямо пропорциональна размеру детали и обратно пропорциональна их значению для завершения работы

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