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Mosel Vitelic Corporation (MVC), was a California company founded in 1985, conducted business in the design and development of memory products, integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices. DRAM components developed by MVC include 128Mb/256Mb SDR, DDRI and Low Power product designs using state of the art process technologies. Other advanced memory products developed by MVC include 256Mb/512Mb/1Gb DDRII designs and nonvolatile FLASH memory product/process technologies. MVC provided customers, includingProMOS Technologies Inc., on a long term basis, design services, sales-related engineering support for various kinds of memory, integrated circuit and other semiconductor products. Mosel Vitelic Corporation suspended operations and subsequently closed in 2009.

This website has been restored and is dedicated to an outstanding group of people I had the pleasure of working with for more than twenty years. Over the years the MVC family grew in Taiwan the US and Worldwide to be one of the leading memory suppliers in the world. On our journey we were sad to see colleagues and friends pass and welcomed new members join our company. Through all of this the company achieved outstanding success as an innovator and premier supplier of advanced memory technologies. As we go forth in future travels MVC team members will be remembered as pioneersin Silicon Valley history.

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Из старых спиц от велосипеда или зонта, вплавленных паяльником в цилиндрические куски пластмассы, получаются удобные регулировочные отвертки.