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Orient Display

Applications for Orient Display LCDs range from household consumer to the toughest outdoor applications. We offer alphanumeric, character & graphic, COB & COG types. We have a broad range of standard LCD panels and modules to choose from, along with customized products for special requirements. We even offer standard LCDs using Bi-Stable (zero power) technology. Orient Display also offers both resistive and projected capacitive touch panels integrated with our displays. We produce all types of LCD panels, LCD modules, and Touch Panels. We strive to be the total solutions provider for your display applications.

Orient Display also provides the driving software and technical support you need for programming and debugging. This personalized service enables us to help customers solve technical issues, speed product development, and improve efficiency. The Application Notes and User Manuals on our web site are linked to software programs to enable you to get our LCD module and Evaluation Kit working immediately. Our engineering staff is on-hand in North America to answer your questions during set up and evaluation.

We are proud to have these great advantages of technology, quality, price, and experienced customer service. Orient Display should be the first choice for your display or touch panel. Our factory is one of the best manufacturing plants in China and #1 in capacitive touch. We deliver your products on time with the highest quality standards at very affordable prices.

Browse our website to view the broad variety & color choices of monochrome, gray scale, multi-colored, and full color displays. Order from our online store at www.OrientLCD.com and get delivery from our extensive inventory in Seattle. E-mail or call us anytime for delivery and pricing on large quantities, or custom products at very affordable prices. Orient Display’s team will assist you from “napkin stage” sketches to formal drawings to beta prototypes to multi-year production. We will help you achieve the best solution for your display / touch panel application.

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