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RaltronFounded in 1983, Raltron Electronics Corporation has grown to become one of the most recognized and experienced manufacturers of frequency management products in the world. From simple tuning fork crystals to high stability oven controlled crystal oscillators, Raltron offers the most comprehensive line of frequency management devices in the industry.


The company’s commitment to superior research and development has served to keep it in the forefront of leading edge crystal and oscillator technologies. Today, Raltron provides high performance frequency control solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of price, quality, applications engineering, and customer support.


Raltron’s broad line of frequency management products are delivered to its worldwide customers through thirteen subsidiary offices, strategically located close to key customers and markets. The company’s global production and administrative organization of over 600 employees is dedicated to this worldwide customer base. All Raltron employees are committed to a continuing pursuit of quality and excellence. This philosophy has kept Raltron in a leadership position through years of uninterrupted growth.


Raltron’s business strategy is to proactively pursue leading edge crystal and oscillator technologies, focusing them on meeting customer needs. This ensures that customers receive the most cost effective frequency management products available in today’s global marketplace. Raltron products feature precise frequency tolerance and stability, wide frequency ranges, smaller packages, low phase noise and jitter, and most importantly, they meet or surpass the customers’ specifications.

All Raltron manufacturing locations are ISO90001 certified and linked by the latest state of the art data and telecommunications equipment. The company’s 51,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Miami, features two class 10K clean rooms in accordance with Federal Standard 209. Automatic calibration and testing stations, environmental testing lab, an isolated aging room, and prototype lab complement these areas.


With its continued growth, the company has shown that it has the managerial, manufacturing, and the financial resources to support its production growth and worldwide business plans. Raltron’s commitment to investment in new processing and test instrumentation equipment assures that the company will continue to deliver exceptional designs and provide a constant flow of new products to meet customer needs and expectations in both the present and the future.


Raltron products include:

Quartz Crystals ranging from standard microprocessor to custom tight stability specifications, available in through hole and SMD packaging.
Crystal Oscillators offered in standard and tight stability specifications for through hole and surface mount applications.
Custom Oscillators including VCXO, TCXO and OCXO designed to customer specifications to meet a wide spectrum of electrical and environmental requirements.
Synchronization Modules offering complete timing solutions for STRATUM 3, SONET Minimum Clock and STRATUM 3E Applications
SAW Filters, Resonators, and Oscillators for high frequency, low jitter performance in today’s advanced telecommunications systems.
Crystal Filters and Ceramic Resonators in through hole and surface mount packages for a wide range of consumer applications.

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