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Chosen by Industry Leaders
Established in 1991, Sinyork has served buyers in more than 20 countries. Our key advantages lie in our ability to provide a wide range of electronic components and value-added technical support.

Leading electronics brands such as Sony, Hitachi and Acer source components for their top-selling electronics from our company. We offer a complete line of capacitors, varistors, gas-tube arrestors and regulators as well as power linear ICs, diodes, rectifiers, transistors and much more. All of our products come with the UL, VDE, SANKO and DENKO approvals you seek.

Seven-day Delivery and Competitive Pricing
With a 120-million-unit monthly production capacity, we easily meet the volume sourcing demands of our buyers. In fact, we often finish orders in as quickly as seven days. Thanks to our high monthly output and speedy turnaround, we offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

Value-added Services
After you've receive your order from us, you'll continue to receive technical support from our well-trained FAE engineers. We gladly provide samples and for your convenience, we welcome your mixed container orders. Contact us now to enjoy prompt delivery, excellent service and top-quality products.

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