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Wall Industries

Wall Industries



Wall Industries, Inc.

Wall Industries manufactures and markets a full line of DC DC converters and AC DC power supplies with an emphasis on modified standard and customized power solutions.


Customer Driven

We are known for being innovative, customer driven, and focused. When you contact us, we respond.

Whether you are looking for standard electronics, or have a vision for a new product, we can help. Over the years, we have powered applications in the aerospace, military, high technology, communications, electronics, industrial, medical, and energy industries.

Engineering Innovation

Engineering excellence and design keeps clients coming back to us. Whether you have a new product in mind or want to reengineer an existing product to meet requirements our engineering team enjoys working with you on the challenge. You can leave the scenario at our door, or we can partner to study the situation, customize the design, test, and deliver your custom product.

High Performance Team

We deliver products through our high performance team. These dedicated professionals are experts in power conversion and custom applications. With over 5,000 products and many custom designs, the entire company works together to serve you, quickly and efficiently.

Many of our employees have been with us for decades and we look forward to growing our family to include second generation Wall employees. Together, we take time for training, strategic planning, and team building retreats. We take pride in our work and that means exceeding the expectations of our customers and partners.

Safety and Quality

Safety and quality are standards in our culture. We use lean manufacturing and six sigma processes. The safety and welfare of our employees is taken very seriously. We encourage you to visit our headquarters so you can tour our plant, meet the team, and see firsthand how much we care.

New Opportunities

Our greatest accomplishment is to watch what started as a vision end up as a product in our customer’s application doing exactly what it was designed to do, working beautifully. We particularly like solving tricky engineering dilemmas and are always looking for new challenges.

Логотип: Wall Industries



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