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WEJ Electronic



SHENZHEN YONG ER JIA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Is a high technology enterprise ,which is specialized in the manufacture and sales of the semi-conductor components , Since 1996 , Company’s main dealing fields contain LED lamp , LED Display & Dot Matrix LED ; the R&D of the applied LED lighting products, Sensor System , Remote sensing system, and have accumulated rich market sales experience. It is also one of the advanced manufacturers of LED Large Screen Display System. They see technology as the primary productivity, and with exquisite producing techniques, professional ability to provide the auxiliary items & broadOn the way of developing in the future , wej people will carry the responsibility of developing technology and serving society , take ”Good Faith ,Affection ,Studious and Innovation ”as company’s value ,and keep making “WEJ” to be the best brand in semi-conductors components industry undefeated spirit and persisting pursuesales network in one, which has made WEJ Company become the high technology enterprise in Optoelectronic industry, and get extensive praise from the society and market.

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