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Eon Silicon Solution


Eon Silicon Solution Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on non-volatile semiconductor memory, merged with Eon Silicon Devices, Inc. which has built up completely flash core technology and product IP.

Eon is keeping providing state-of-the-art NOR type Flash Memory, using the most advanced design and process technology and highest quality manufacturing and testing procedures. Our superior quality products provide reliable solutions for the worlds general non-volatile memory needs in computing, communication consumer and industrial markets, and applications.


In 2002, Eon moved its headquarter to Taiwan where it is closer to the world core manufacturing site and can offer instant service within 24 hours. Owning more than 50% of R&D and Engineering personnel, Eon continues developing pioneering products with leading technology. In Q1 2007, Eon is one of the few vendors launched 0.13um process technology and rapidly led into mass production which is ahead of competitors in this industry. 90nm process technology is under development and will be ready in 2008.

As a member of the global citizen, Eon devotes itself to the green product development and the implementation of pollution-free production. Eon has acquired the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification and provide environmentally friendly products for a variety of consumer and industrial devices for the users all over the world.

Eon is the only one supplier in the world to offer boradest range of NOR Flash memory, including 5V, 3V, 1.8V product lines in Parallel (ISA) and Serial (SPI) Flash from 512Kbit to 512Mbit densities in packaging configurations include single-die packaged, Known Good Die (KGD) with Pb-free compliant. Multi-chip product (MCP) is also available for mobile phone application from Q4 2007.  

Throughout the efforts over the past few years, Eons products are qualified by worldwide customers and the shipment quantity accumulated to 500 Million pcs. As one of Top 10 flash providers in the world, we steadily work on continuous improvement of quality, in order to achieve customer satisfaction for the products and services as our commitments - "High Quality Flash Memory, Professional engineering support, Sufficient supply".  

Логотип: Eon Silicon Solution



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