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Linear IS

Linear Integrated Systems


Company Profile
Linear Integrated System, Inc (Linear Systems)
4042 Clipper Court
Fremont, California, USA, 94538-6540
GPS: N37° 28.734', W121° 56.822'
Phone: 510-490-9160
Fax: 510-353-0261
Email: Sales@Linearsystems.com
Our Corporate offices, Design, Marketing/Sales, Test and Wafer Fabrication are located in Fremont California. Assembly and Die processing are performed by approved Domestic and Offshore subcontractors.
Linear Integrated System Inc was founded in 1987 by Dr. John Hall. LIS offers over 35 years of design and process expertise in the JFET and Transistor. Our founder and president Dr. John Hall has an established track record of leadership within various segments of the semiconductor industry. These accomplishments include the founding of Intersil and Micro Power Systems, development of the first 1 Volt CMOS digital watch, and numerous related semiconductor patents.
Audio, Automatic Test Systems, Component, Computer, Hybrid, Industrial Process Control, Medical, Military, Test and Measurement, Space.
Linear Integrated System is committed to deliver our customers a product that meets all specified standards of performance, reliability and quality, on schedule and at a competitive price. We strive to provide our customers with the necessary options, solutions and technology to produce leadership end-products.
We offer both Standard and Custom Products. Our Standard Product Line includes Small Signal Discretes: High Speed DMOS FET Switches, N and P Channel JETs, N and P Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFETs, NPN and PNP Bipolar Transistors. LIS offers pin for pin replacements for current, discontinued and selected devices made by Interfet, Intersil, Micro Power Systems, Motorola, National-Fairchild, Phillips, Siemens and Siliconix-Vishay. Within the High Speed DMOS FET Switch families we offer Single and Quad Versions with input protection diodes. Within the JFET device families we offer Current Regulating Diodes, Ultra Low Leakage Diodes, Voltage Controlled Resistors, Low Resistance Switches, Monolithic Dual/Matched Pair/Single/General Purpose/High Gain/High Impedance/Low Noise/Low Leakage Amplifiers. Within the MOSFET device families we offer Monolithic Dual/Single/High Input Impedance/Low Input Leakage devices. Within the Bipolar Transistor device families we offer Monolithic Dual/Matched Pair/Single/General Purpose/Log Conformance/Super Beta/Ultra Matched devices. All Standard Products are available with additional screening for all DC Parameters to the data sheet or Customer Drawing. We also offer Lot Qualification, Noise testing, and Mil-Std Processing. All Standard Products are available in Die Form, Surface Mount, Thru-Hole Metal Can and Thru-Hole Plastic Packages.
LIS Custom Products consist of devices that utilize the various technologies listed below.
LIS accepts custom orders on a limited basis, for requirements that cannot be serviced by ASIC or Semi-Custom technologies.
BiCMOS, DMOS, Molygate, CMOS, NPN and PNP Bipolar, Precision Thin-Film Resistors, Silicon-Nitrite/Moly Capacitors, N and P Channel JFET, Dielectric Isolation, and Radiation Hardness.

Логотип: Linear IS



Это интересно. Если надо паять нихромовую проволоку - не соединений, работающих в невысоких температурах - можно легко облудить и пропаять соединение в обычной лимонной кислоте.

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