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Performance Motion Devices




What We Do

Performance Motion Devices, Inc (PMD) is a recognized world leader in motion control ICs, cards, drives and software.  We specialize in providing cost-effective, high performance motion systems to OEM customers in the medical device, materials handling, robotics, test and instrumentation, industrial automation, motion control, and textile industries.

Our Products

PMD's full line of motion control products provides multi-axis motion control for servo motors (DC brush and brushless DC), microstepping, and step motors. Advanced features include CANbus, serial, and parallel communications; S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing profiles; 6 step and sinusoidal commutation; field oriented control; advanced PID filter with velocity and acceleration feed forward, and much more. Board formats include PCI, PC/104, and ISA. Our line of high performance motion control chips, cards, modules and software offer customers a wide range of motion control solutions, while providing unparalleled flexibility and packaging benefits. We also offer integrated board and software packages (developer's kits) for designers who need to do electro-mechanical and software design using PMD's motion control products.  Known for power, precision, ease-of-use, and cost effectiveness, we back our products with a staff dedicated to high-performance motion control technology and development.

Dedication to Motion Control Technology

We are continuing to lead the industry in innovative motion control solutions. Our reputation for proven expertise, sustained and rapid growth, and global leadership across many markets has evolved through our extensive experience and capabilities that maximize time-to-market and customer satisfaction.

As motion control design and requirements change, PMD continues to invest in its technology and people. Each generation of motion processors delivers a more extensive instruction set, faster communication speeds and greater functionality.

The corporate commitment to innovation, unparalleled motion system support, and ISO 9000 manufacturing keeps current and future generations of PMD products on the cutting edge of motion system design.

Логотип: Performance Motion Devices



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