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  Nowadays, the current technology has entered the generation of high-speed information. Information display and transfer has become one of the indispensable parts in our daily lives. In order to obtain the highest economical state-of-the-art technology that can be applied into the actual human lives, Waitrony has developed a series of quality optical electronic components and different kinds of sensing device. From light emitting components (Light Emitting Diode – LED, LED Display, Infrared Emitting Diode), light receiving components (Photo Transistor, Photo Conductive Cell – CdS, Infrared Receiver Module), to different sensing devices, we can offer perfect and complete products. For industrial fields, electronic consumer products, office automations and electronic toys, we can provide the most competitive electronic components and quality services.


  The excellent advantage of Waitrony is the deep and thorough realization of the component technologies and applies these into the suitable areas so that it can bring the most benefit to users. Waitrony can be called as one of the largest system suppliers in Asia-pacific as based on customers and market trend orientation. Back up by accumulation of product technologies and application experience, we can offer the suitable components and speedy service based on the unique characteristics of customers' products under different circumstances. Especially in custom design products' development, we are proud of being appreciated by our customers. Waitrony will still continue to reinforce our products developing capability in diversity and herewith become one of the global electronic product suppliers who can provide the most quality components and the best service to customers in the 21st century.

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