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Радиоежегодник №6 2011

Написал MACTEP в 30.12.2011 15:30:00 (12934 прочтений)

Радиоежегодник №6

6 2011

Редактор: С. Степанов
Страниц: 137
Формат: DJVU
Размер: 8.73 Мб

Тема номера: EDN design ideas.


Периодическое электронное издание  - это
информационный обзор печатных изданий и интернет-ресурсов. Благодаря
своей практической  направленности, сборник ориентирован на широкий
круг радиолюбителей и специалистов.

В данный сборник включены материалы рубрики “Design Ideas” англоязычного журнала разработчиков электроники “EDN” за 2011 год.

EDN design ideas 2011
January 2011
  Reliable 555 timer doesn’t falsely trigger           01/ 6/2011 
  Test continuity with an LED 
  Flash an LED from ac-mains power 
  Transistors drive LEDs to light the path 
  Use an optocoupler to make a simple low-dropout regulator 
  Power an LED driver using off-the-shelf components        01/20/2011 
  Oscillator has voltage-controlled duty cycle 
  Generate noisy sine waves with a sound card 
  Decode a quadrature encoder in software 
February 2011
  Compute a histogram in an FPGA with one clock         02/ 3/2011 
  Control an LM317T with a PWM signal 
  High-speed buffer comprises discrete transistors 
  Limit inrush current in high-power applications 
  Protect MOSFETs in heavy-duty inductive switched-mode circuits 
  Reduce acoustic noise from capacitors           02/17/2011 
  Function generator has varibale frequency 
  Power supply accepts wide input-voltage range 
  Circuit lets you test capacitors 
March 2011
  Design provides single-port-to-dual-port SDRAM converter       03/ 3/2011 
  Zener diode protects FPGA inputs 
  Bicolor LED indicates 10 states 
  Relay driver switches two relays with one pin 
  Anticipator circuit speeds signal settling to a final value       03/17/2011 
  Schmitt trigger provides toggle function 
  Active multiplexing saves inputs 
  Finely tune the hue of blue-light sources 
April 2011
  Low-component-count logic probe works with TTL and CMOS logic     04/ 7/2011 
  Circuit implements photovoltaic-module simulator 
  Switch circuit controls lights 
  Isolated PWM suits low frequencies 
  Increase efficiency in embedded digital-I/O lines         04/21/2011 
  Modulating a reference allows maximum-value search for phase detection 
  Offline supply drives LEDs 
  Light an LED without wasting energy

May 2011
  Circuit secures bootstrap operation under light load       05/12/2011 
  Build an accurate bipolar voltage reference 
  Send MIDI signals over long distances 
  MOSFET provides high power at low loss 
  Waveform generator minimizes amplitude dependency      05/26/2011 
  Produce current from positive or negative high-voltage supplies 
  Arrange LEDs as seven-segment displays 
  Logic gates form high-impedance voltmeter 
  Measure resistance and temperature with a sound card

June 2011
  Potentiometer calibrates photodiode amplifier        06/ 9/2011 
  Drive 16 LEDs with one I/O line 
  Circuit measures battery capacity 
  Programmable driver targets piezoelectric actuators 
  Circuit boosts voltage to piezoelectric transducers 
  Protect power-LED strings from overcurrent           06/23/2011 
  Simple flasher operates off ac mains 
  Use resistor noise to characterize a low-noise amplifier 
  Build a UWB pulse generator on an FPGA 
  Generate swept sine/cosine waveforms with two filters 
July 2011
  Compensate for four-wire sensor errors        07/14/2011 
  LED-current limiter accepts ac or dc 
  Voltage inverter employs PWM 
  Form positive pulses from negative pulses 
  Positive edges trigger parabolic timebase generator                      07/28/2011 
  Measure small currents without adding resistive insertion loss 
  Power resistor varies in value 
  Minimize noise in power-supply measurements

August 2011
  Driver circuit lights architectural and interior LEDs       08/11/2011 
  Use op amps to make automatic-ORing power selector 
  Charging time indicates capacitor value 
  Circuit provides universal ac-input-voltage adapter       08/25/2011 
  Logic probe uses two comparators 
  DAC fine-tunes reference output 
  LEDs indicate sound level

September 2011
  Polynomial rotation accelerates CRC calculations      09/ 8/2011 
  Simple circuit measures optocoupler's response time 
  Circuit provides visual verification of IR pulses 
  An LED's intrinsic capacitance works in a 650-mV LRC circuit 
  Eight LEDs make a 100-division voltmeter       09/22/2011 
  Simple circuit controls the rate of voltage change across a capacitor or another load 
  LED bar-graph display represents two digits 
October 2011
  Circuit controls inrush current in ac-operated power supplies    10/ 6/2011 
  Save 3 dB of output power using feedback to set the output impedance 
  Optically isolated overcurrent detector works from ac mains 
  Simple circuit helps to protect a vehicle-reverse camera 
  Use a self-powered op amp to create a low-leakage rectifier     10/20/2011 
  Simple reverse-polarity-protection circuit has no voltage drop 
  Series-LC-tank VCO breaks tuning-range records

November 2011
  Circuit detects rapidly falling signals and rejects noise     11/ 3/2011 
  Hack into a stopwatch to make a phototimer 
  Comparator directly controls power-MOSFET gate 
  AGC circuit uses an analog multiplier 
  Add extra output to a boost converter       11/17/2011 
  Fabricate a high-resolution sensor-to-USB interface 
  Converters yield droop-free S/H circuit 
December 2011
  Inexpensive VFC features good linearity and dynamic range     12/ 1/2011 
  Mains-driven zero-crossing detector uses only a few high-voltage parts 
  Build an op amp with three discrete transistors 
  A diode ladder multiplies voltage under software control 
  Charger extends lead-acid-battery life   
  Circuit provides more accurate multiplication      12/15/2011
  A few added components make a self-contained controller for 100A load 
  Simple night-light uses a photoresistor to detect dusk
  Simple tester checks Christmas-tree lights 


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а в дэжавю формате все тожи самое,что и в PDF ??
-или отличия есть..?
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в качестве. DjVu немного хуже.


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