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ACC Microelectronics

ACC Microelectronics is one of the world leading providers of PC-based, highly integrated circuit (IC) solutions for both embedded control and embedded computing applications.  Our semiconductor products are used to embed platform-based control and computing into hostile, mobile, industrial, military, medical, telecom, commercial and consumer environments where the desktop PC system is not suitable.  The form factor selected by OEMs to utilize this embedded technology is either the stackable and modular format like the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus or the Single Board Computer (SBC) format, which comes in different sizes.


Our innovative PC core technology and experience in embedded and portable systems design enable us to play a major role in providing IC solutions to the explosive markets for embedded and portable applications.


Worldwide sales and marketing, operations and technical support are directed from both our offices in Santa Clara, California and Taipei, Taiwan.

Логотип: ACC Microelectronics



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