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Frequency Devices

About Frequency Devices

Frequency Devices is the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of high precision standard and custom signal conditioning, signal processing and signal recognition solutions for the data acquisition, data conversion (ADC and DAC) and data translation market. Since 1968, Frequency Devices has provided electronic design engineers with analog, digital and integrated analog/digital-signal-processing (DSP) solutions for a broad range of scientific and EOEM applications including aerospace, medical, process-control and vibration analysis.

Our products include a wide variety of complex hardware and software, analog and digital (FIR and IIR) fixed frequency and programmable low-pass (anti-alias), high-pass, band-pass and band-reject (notch) electronic filters along with differential input amplifiers and oscillators. Our solutions can provide noise and distortion performance to 20+ bits with precision amplitude, phase and quadrature match. A growing selection of single and multi-channel signal processing platforms and instruments that perform FFT, signal analysis and signal correlation are also available. Architectures include VME, VXI, compactPCI and PCI form factors as well as IEEE-488, RS-232, Ethernet and USB I/O’s with MatLab, Labview and LabWindowsCVI compatible GUI interfaces.

We provide solutions for almost any signal conditioning, processing or manipulation requirement and support these products with technical brochures and information that can guide you through the design process, allowing you to minimize product size, and shorten the product development cycle while optimizing precision performance. Our products will meet or exceed your design specifications without consuming your scarce engineering resources allowing you to complete your design in the shortest possible time.

Логотип: Frequency Devices



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