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PEAK electronics

PEAK electronics GmbH

One of the most important foundations for the long time development of our company is the highest quality standard.

DC DC Converters

P E A K electronics GmbH offers a wide range of DC/DC-converters. More than 20.000 standard types are available. In addition to our standard types we can also offer custom designed DC / DC -Converters to our customers.


AC/DC Encapsulated Power Supplies

New to our program is a range of ultra compact 1.65 ~ 60 Watt pcb mounting AC/DC power supplies. Known as the PPM (PEAK power modules) they have universal input of 85 ~ 264Vac & outputs from 3.3 to 24Vdc

PSR-78xx Switch Regulator SIP3 Case

The very high efficiency (83~93 is the determining feature of these new dc/dc switching regulators.


LED Driver

DC/DC Step Down Converter. Wide Input Voltage Range. High Efficiency. Cases DIP24 , D!P16 and DIP14. Remote Control Funktion: PWM / Analogue Voltage Control. Dimming Function: I out from 300mA up to 1200mA. Also as a "DIN Rail Version".

LED Driver

DIN RAIL Power Supply Moduls DC/DC AC/DC

Optionally a LED for operating voltage, fuse, overvoltage protection, backup capacitors can be inserted, also a voltage trimming and the remote on / off function can be integrated. This is possible for single, dual and tripple outputs. DC/DC-Converters DIL24 and 1“x2“ will be mounted in 35mm housings (PHM1) and the larger DC/DCConverters 1.6“x2“ and 2.6“x3“ will be mounted in 70mm housings (PHM2)

AC DC Modul

1" x 2" DC/DC Converters CE Approved

Series, P42WG (10W), and P47WG (15W) are now CE approved and marked.


Certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2008






PEAK electronics DC/DC converters are compliant with the EU Directive 2002/95/EG ( RoHS) All of our series were modified in 2005 and 2006 to meet EU Directive 2002/95/EG (RoHS). RoHS compliant converters are marked with LF at the end of the model code or in some cases the LF is attached to the date code.


Following the definitions of the REACH-regulation all the components manufactured by PEAK electronics GmbH are “articles”, since their function is determined to a greater degree by their special shape, surface or design than by their chemical composition. Therefore, we were only to take part in the pre-registration process if the chemical substances our articles were intended to be released under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. Since all the substances contained in our products are destined to remain in the articles over their whole lifespan, we are not obliged to pre-register. If our products do contain any substances that will be listed in appendix XIV as a result of the currently ongoing identification process of art. 59 of the REACH-regulation, we will provide you with the appropriate instructions and information according to art. 7 paragraph 3.




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