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Utron Technologies Corp. was founded in 1983 and specializes in the design and manufacture of Bare Board and Cable Testers. We are a well-known manufacturer and exporter of PCB and Cable Testers for more than 14 years.


 Our high quality products guaranteed by ISO 9001 standards, outstanding R&D team, efficient after-sale services, combined with a strong distribution network have gained us a renowned reputation for excellence among local and international customers.


Our business objective is to market innovative, precise testing and PCB fabrication related products. Our goals are achieved by closely integrating Utron's professional workforce with its customers to identify problems and provide brainstorming solutions. This in affect with an after-sales service that is second to none, continues to gear Utron as an industry leader.


Our head office is located in Hsintien on the outskirts of Taipei. Highly accessible with only half an hour drive from central Taipei or Chiang Kai Chek Airport, we are welcome customers who have an opportunity to come to Taiwan to visit our headquarters to discuss their requirements and view our PCB and Cable Testers.


In addition, we also have an manufacturing plant in Dong Guan City, China that is mainly responsible for assembly testers and customer services and support.

Логотип: Utron



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