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A-Bright, a new name with an experienced core. From the people, products and the system, people feel very friendly with the contents after having any touch with us and surprise of the consequence. Then realized the new name meant not only a name but also stands for the mature products, the organized management and the best sources you could find in the industry.

In so many years have passed, the team which creates A-Bright has acquired a reputation as an innovator, developer, and manufacturer in the Lighting Industry.

Today, A-Bright continues to develop and produce specialized Lighting fixtures of the highest technical level and best quality standard. Using the company’s  unique inventions, these often included complications offered by no other manufactures.

Логотип: A-BRIGHT



Из старых спиц от велосипеда или зонта, вплавленных паяльником в цилиндрические куски пластмассы, получаются удобные регулировочные отвертки.

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