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Раздел: Nuts And Volts

Nuts and Volts №8 2013

Написал MACTEP 31.08.2013 8:50:00 (Просмотров: 3349)

Название: Nuts and Volts
Издательство: nutsvolts.com
Год: 2013

Месяц: August
Страниц: 84
Формат: PDF
Размер: 51.3 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Язык: English

Nuts and Volts - популярный журнал по электронным компонентам и схемотехнике для любителей и специалистов любого уровня.

August 2013


30 Build A Low Cost, High Performance
12 Watt Amplifier For Eight Ohm Speakers
Construct this inexpensive amplifier for “clean” listening enjoyment.
By Ronald Anderson
36 Build Your Own Induction Charger
If you like the idea of having a wireless replacement for your USB port to recharge your battery powered projects, then you’re gonna  want to build this device.
By Matthew Bates

44 A Mathematics Engine For Microcontrollers
Even though microcontrollers are magical, their math skills sometimes leave something to be desired. In this article, we’ll explore connecting a microcontroller to the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator for use as a coprocessor to help figure out some of the tougher equations, and we’ll even be able to do other stuff like data logging — thanks to the calculator’s large memory.
By Thomas Henry
50 More Raspberry Pi, Anyone?
Get step-by-step instructions on how to turn your RPi into a remote-controllable Internet radio/music file player.
By Craig A. Lindley



10 TechKnowledgey 2013
Events. Advances, and News
Yes, Virginia, there is a monopole; is it an AIO or tablet; dippers for tippers; and a bill that’s been introduced to protect electronic privacy are just some of the topics covered.
14 PICAXE Primer
Sharpening Your Toots of Creativity
Have A Piece Of PICAXE Pi
Begin exploring the possibilites of interfacing PICAXE processors to the Raspberry Pi, starting with a simple stripboard circuit that will allow easy access to several of the Pi’s GPIO pins.
22 Q & A
Reader Questions Answered Here
An ampere-hour meter, a cat alarm, and a two-way intercom are discussed.
56 The Design Cycle
Advanced Techniques for Design Engineers
Score Big With The Lemos LMZ ZigBee Module ZigBee networks can cost upwards of $7,000 to roll your own custom embedded ZigBee radio application. See how to get an embedded ZigBee application on the air with just a microcontroller, an inexpensive radio, and some simple C code for way less.
63 Open Communication
The latest In Networking and Wireless Technologies
Connected Cars Communicate Telematics is the wireless technology that connects your car to the outside world ... and it is hot! Here's a summary of this emerging technology.
68 Smiley s Workshop
Programming • Hardware • Projects
Arduino Handheld Prototyper — Part 2 Take a close look at the software for this way-smaller-than-a-breadbox wonder.


08 DEVELOPING PERSPECTIVES Dedicated Chip vs. Microcontroller






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Не выбрасывайте старые HDD (жесткие диски) . Даже от доисторических ПК 286 серий и выше. Находящиеся во внутрях HDD магнитные подковки ( работающие в составе механизма считывания инф. с дисков) очень даже пригодятся в качестве капитального держателя инструментов (отверток, кусачек,плоск, и пр..) любому мастеру .

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