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Раздел: EDN

EDN 3 2013г

Написал MACTEP 10.05.2013 14:40:00 (Просмотров: 3307)

Название: EDN
Издательство: Reed Elsevier Properties Inc.
Год выпуска: 2013
Номер: 3

Дата выпуска: March

Число страниц: 72
Формат: PDF
Качество: отличное
Язык: Английский
Размер: 36.0 Mb



contents March 2013


9.   EDN online: Join the conversation; Content; Engineering community
12. EDN.comment: Pick your favorite contributor; winner gets $5000!

14. Self-contained RF recording system weighs less than 10 lbs
16. Dash-cam video: benefit or distraction?
18. Time-of-flight proximity sensor allows new smartphone-user interactions
18. Motor-control solution simplifies field-oriented-control designs

19. Will 2013 bring tighter power-supply efficiency requirements?
19. Smaller Raspberry Pi costs under $25
20. Voices: Peter Spitzer: Motivated by testing, challenges, and constant learning

22. Signal Integrity: Measuring shadows
24. Connecting Wireless: Another radio, another set of apps
26. Teardown: Cell-phone charger: nice idea done right
28. Mechatronics in Design: Angular velocity is often misstated

31. LED-driving techniques reduce power in LCD TVs

38. Which process and supplier are best for my design?

48. 10 software tips for hardware engineers

EDN 3 201351. Circuit maximizes pulse-width-modulated DAC throughput
52. A circuit for mains synchronization has two separate outputs for each half-period
55. Low-component-count zero-crossing detector is low power
57. DC-DC converter starts up and operates from a single photocell
58. Filter quashes 60-Hz interference

60. Supply Chain: Automotive electronics’ supply-chain impact; Fewer IC suppliers to hold more of 2013 market
63. Product Roundup: Test & Measurement
66. Tales from the Cube: Resolving a simulation complication



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