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EDN Europe 11 2013г

Написал MACTEP 11.11.2013 0:30:00 (Просмотров: 4684)

Название: EDN Europe
Издательство: Reed Elsevier Properties Inc.
Год выпуска: 2013
Номер: 11

Дата выпуска: November

Число страниц: 46
Формат: PDF
Качество: отличное
Язык: Английский
Размер: 12.5 Mb





edn12 A high-accuracy 4–20mA current-loop transmitter for tough industrial requirements
The 4–20mA current loop has been widely used as an analogue communication interface in industrial applications. Today, it has more stringent demands, new requirements for higher accuracy; lower power; reliable operation over an extended -40°C to +105°C industrial temperature range; added security and system protection; and implementation of the HART protocol.
Collectively, these requirements make the design of today’s 4–20mA current loop quite challenging.
by Yuriy Kurtsevoy and Stuart Smith, Maxim Integrated
17 Implementing high availability network communications for industrial applications
Network communication for smart grid applications must be highly reliable, highly available and highly deterministic. The network must be resilient against node, link, and single points of failures. For this reason the IEC standardisation group has established the IEC 62439 standard as a way of validating communication network resilience and reliability. Many new smart grid designs, especially automation equipment in transmission and distribution substations, offer end-to-end communications with IEC 61850-compatible intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), such as industrial switches, and protection relays.
by Wolfgang Katterman, Altera
edn20 Basic concepts of linear regulator and switching mode power supplies, part 1
This article explains the basic concepts of linear regulators and switching mode power supplies (SMPS). It is aimed at system engineers who may not be very familiar with power supply designs and selection. The basic operating principles of linear regulators and SMPS are explained and the advantages and disadvantages of each solution are discussed. The buck step-down converter is used as an example to further explain the design considerations of a switching regulator.
by Henry J. Zhang, Linear Technology
25 Securing the Internet of Things: how OS-level measures can confound the hacker
Traditional network and endpoint protection mechanisms are struggling today to protect our corporate IT infrastructure and computers. Adding the projected billions of nodes that will constitute the Internet of Things will exacerbate the problem dramatically. Providers of the traditional embedded software platform, the realtime operating system, are in a prime position to address this need by providing the security functionality that developers need.
by John Blevins, Director of Product Marketing, LynuxWorks


5 EDN.comment
    The IoT bandwagon gathers speed
16 Baker’s Best
     Simply an adjustable low-pass filter
32 Product Roundup
     Inductor-less LED driver; Touchscreen haptics;
     Automated middleware generation; Software radio for FPGAs
51 Tales from the Cube
     Point taken
27 Solid-state circuit breaker for microcontrollers
28 Voltage-to-period converter improves speed, cost, and linearity of A-D conversion
29 White noise source flat from 1 Hz to 100 kHz
31 Double-speed interpolation

6 XMOS' xCORE-XA blends multi-core MCU, ARM core and low-power operation
7 Toshiba steps up LED-lighting presence with 1W GaN-on-Si white LEDs
7 Single-chip software-defined radio handles multiple signal types
8 Altera/Enpirion DC-DCs aim to solve FPGA-powersupply challenges
8 Wireless charging receiver delivers 400mA across a 1.2cm air gap
9 Gecko range of “energy-friendly” MCUs gains ARM Cortex-M0+ Core-based chips
10 Drive appliance motors with 3-phase integrated PFC inverter
10 Lowest-profile, highest density 180W PSUs have medical approvals
11 Cadence adds to IP offering for analogue in 28-nm, and in Tensilica audio blocks
11 Qt package speeds embedded device creation with rich graphics
Cover image
This month's cover shows, not an abstract art installation but a new series of inductors from AVX; the unusual construction is part of what is required to maintain low losses up to the high-GHz region – more on page 33.




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