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Раздел: Elektor

Elektor №1-2 2013г

Написал MACTEP 03.02.2013 21:20:00 (Просмотров: 5125)

Название: Elektor

Год: 2013

Месяц: Январь - Февраль

Номер: 1-2


Язык: Английский

Размер: 12.9 Mб 




Elektor - популярный зарубежный журнал по электронике и схемотехнике


Elektor Community
8  Elektor World
    • The female engineers archive
    • Meet your new colleague
    • 'Underground' radio
    • The case against the killer robots
    • Teachers! Leave them kids alone
    • HP35 draws a calculated response
    • Chippies... It's (acid) bath time!
    • Ping-pong with Arduino
    • Feedback! On Current Transformers
12 RL78 Green Energy Challenge Winners Announcement
    ElektorSummaries and images of the Winners and Honorable Mentions.
• Industry
112 News & New Products
      A monthly roundup of all the latest electronics products and components.

16 Frontline breaking news
     What's brewing, growing and being researched at Elektor labs.
19 Component Tips: MIC502 and MAX6643 Fan-speed controllers
     Raymond's favorite electronic components.
20 Audio Streamer
Elektor     A hot product from Future Electronics, featuring Wolfson Microelectronics

     DACs and CODECS.
22 Toroid cutting
     How to grind a slot in a ferrite ring core without breaking it.
23 USB Current Unlimited... the sequel
     Some correspondence and critical views on our earlier story questioning

     the actual mA's spec of USB ports.

Elektor• Projects
24 Aviation Scanner
     Portable, 108-137 MHz,  and with a USB interface.
32 Humidity Sensor
     Automatically turn on an extraction fan when the humidity becomes too high.
33 Aviation Band Antenna
     Half-wave, with a 50-Q matching stub
34 Taming the Beast (2)
     Let's get started with the Dev Board and the Xilinx DVD.
44 Embedded Linux made Easy (7)
     I2C, RS485, UART, reader response.
54 Arduino on Course (4)
     Arduino meets parts from the junk box.
62 The 7-uP Alarm Clock/Time-Switch (1)
     Based on a carefully considered wishlist.

     BASCOM connects an AVR micro to the CAN bus.
72 Kiddies Toothbrush Timer
     LEDs and a micro imitate a sandglass.
74 13-IN-A-BOX
     Atmega micro does 13 test & measurement functions. Work in progress!
78 Tropical or Arctic?
     No sweat! This temperature and relative humidity meter logs it all.
83 2-Wire Interface version 2.0
     Less current and 2.1 V compatible.
84 Simple On-bike Power Supply
    Elektor 'Dirty dynamo AC changed into 5 volts for the smartphone.
86 Capacitive Proximity Switch
     A 'rider detector' for DIY self balancing vehicles.

90 HangTux
     A playful variant of the Hangman game on the Elektor Linux board.
94 A Striking Digital Clock
     Cuckoo or chime — it's really up to you.
98 Caught in the Ring Light
     For macro photography or inspection microscopes.
104 Inrush Current Limiter
      ElektorThis clever design is based on a Hall-effect sensor inside a ferrite core.
106 Rechargeable Battery Checker
      The LCD shows time, voltage, current and charge status.
110 Realistic LED Candle
      E-candle changes flame color if you blow at it!

Tech the Future
116 Open Source Hardware
      An interview with the maker of Milky-mist proves that OSHW has decisively

      established its place in the world. Series Editor: Tessel Renzenbrink.
120 Retronics: Philips PR9103 Portable Stroboscope (1956)
      This 1950s instrument unexpectedly links Francophiles, smartphone camera

      refresh rate measurements and the ElektorDeflection Coil Winding Inspection Officer.

      Series Editor: Jan Buiting
124 Hexadoku
      Elektor's monthly puzzle with an electronics touch.
130 Next Month in Elektor




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