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Раздел: Elektor

Elektor №7-8 2013г

Написал MACTEP 09.07.2013 19:20:00 (Просмотров: 6885)

Название: Elektor

Год: 2013

Месяц: Июль - август

Номер: 7-8


Язык: Английский

Размер: 14.0 Mб 




Elektor - популярный зарубежный журнал по электронике и схемотехнике



Elektor Project Generator
8  Android ElektorCardiVscope (1)
     Wireless, button-free: Bluetooth & touch screen
18 Step Exercises
     A stepper motor driver for the ElektorBus
26 Wideband 70-cms FM Exciter
     with 130 mW output power
34 Smartphone
     A/V Remote Control
     Transmitter plus App for Android devices
42 Ambience Lighting Controller
     Setting the mood with RGB LEDs
48 PWM Step Up Converter
     Get up, stand up...

52 Charge-a-Phone on NiMH
     with the Elektor USB Power Pack
56 Big Amps DC Motor Driver
58 X-Treme
     Inrush Current Limiter
     A controlled start for Big Electrolytics & Co.
62 Acoustic Spirit Level / Tilt Alarm
     An ATtiny45 design with many uses
64 2-Wire Interface 3.0
     ElektorA new approach to an earlier problem
68 Accurate Universal Measurement Interface
     Accuracy—quite simply
70 Solar-Powered Night Light with Li-ion Backup

     Solar energy powers an LED in night time hours
72 CDI Ignition For Spartamet and Saxonette mopeds

     Better spark—better mpg for a two-stroke motor
74 Simple Servo Tester
     Basic test gear for modelers
76 Slow-Start Stabilizer
     Clean supply voltage but with a delay
Elektor78 8x Relays—and Much More
     Expansion modules for Linux and other controller boards
82 Store it Quickly 2.0
     A new approach to an earlier problem

84 Another Look at Some Specific Points of the 500 ppm

     LCR Meter
     The luxury of precision within everyone's reach
90 Spot the Difference
     Arduino Uno vs. GR Sakura FULL
92 Wideband Wien Oscillator with Single-Gang Pot
     Avoiding the costly and rare 2-gang log pot
Elektor94 4 Amps Photovoltaic Charge Controller
     Designed front to end for minimum losses between PV panel and battery
96 Starting a Schematic Design
     Neil Gruending's second article on getting started with DesignSpark

98 Celebrate!
    Elektor 5 Kmembers on elektor-labs.com
99 SMD Desoldering Tip
     Bend some copper wire in shape
• Industry
100 Professional
PCB Manufacturing
How your four-layer PCB gets produced at Elektor PCB Service
106 News & New Products
Tech the Future
110 Care Robots
       The future of health care

114 Retronics
       Philips PR9150/PR9151 Surface Roughness Testers Series Editor: Jan Buiting
120 Hexadoku
        Elektor's monthly puzzle with an electronics touch
122 Gerard's Columns: Penny Wise and Pound Foolish
       A column or two from our columnist Gerard Fonte
130 Next month in Elektor
       A sneak preview of articles on the Elektor publication schedule





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