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Раздел: Elektor

Elektor №9 2013г

Написал MACTEP 09.09.2013 16:20:00 (Просмотров: 4529)

Название: Elektor

Год: 2013

Месяц: Сентябрь

Номер: 9


Язык: Английский

Размер: 5.59 Mб 




Elektor - популярный зарубежный журнал по электронике и схемотехнике


8  Elektor World
     • The CAN Man Came
     • Get the Picture
    Elektor • Draught Version 1.0
     • The Ghost in the Castle
     • From the Pedal to the Saddle
     • From DIY Plotter to JVE CNC
20 Modular RF Link using Manchester Code (1)
     Here we explore the use of Lynx radio modules for building a reliable

     medium range (>600 ft) over-air data link between two PCs or

     microcontroller systems. This month we kick off with a description of the

     hardware side of things.

Elektor54 Using Libraries
     Neil Gruending continues his get-u-going advice for the DesignSpark

     electronics design software suite. This month he discloses quick ways

     to working with libraries.
10 Q-Watt Audio Power Amplifier
     ElektorAudio fans, here's a fully analog, very powerful, very low distortion design

     from the famed Elektor Audio Labs. It's based on the LME49881 integrated

     circuit from Texas Instruments, and has complementary bipolar transistors

     in the power output stage.
28 Gnublin Extension Boards
     Thanks to Linux being used as the common abstraction layer, Raspberry

     Pi,  the Elektor Embedded Linux Board and even the new BeagleBone

     Black can use the extension boards described in this article: Relay

     Module, Temperature Module, Display Module, Step Module, and I/O

34 Android Elektor Cardivscope
     Much of the power and versatility of the Elektor Cardioscope is due to the

     clever software developed for the project. This month we describe how the

     PIC24 controller does just what the doctor ordered.
44 From Basic to Python (3)
     In this concluding part of the series we describe how Python can be used

     to provide a communication platform for the ElektorBus. As it turns out,

     the exercise is less complex than when using vintage Basic, with far better

     results though within easy reach.

58 .Labs Tips & Tricks
     A Cheater's Guide to success at Elektor.Labs and from there on, towards

     publication in the magazine.
Elektor60 90 Degrees and Rising
     Components running hot to the touch can be a real hazard, and in some

     cases there's no way to avoid fitting them to a heatsink as one of our junior

     lab workers discovered the hard way.
62 News & New Products
     A selection of news items received from the electronics industry/ labs

     and organizations.
Tech the Future
66 Internet @ the Physical Layer
     ElektorConcerns have been raised on the expansion rate of data versus that of

     the hardware structure supporting the Internet, particularly at the IXs. Are

     these concerns justified?

70 Retronics:
     Radiometer PHM22 / PHA928a Blood pH / O2 / CO2 Analyzer
     In the 1960s a cartload of equipment and a lot of patience were required

     to perform simple hematology related tests in hospital labs.

     Series Editor: Jan Buiting.
74 Hexadoku
     Elektor's monthly puzzle with an electronics touch.
Elektor76 Gerard's Columns: ConFused
     A column or two from our columnist Gerard Fonte.
82 Next Month in Elektor
     A sneak preview of articles on the Elektor publication schedule.



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