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Раздел: Elektor

Elektor №5 2014г

Написал MACTEP 07.06.2014 13:00:00 (Просмотров: 4121)

Название: Elektor

Год: 2014

Месяц: Май

Номер: 5

Страниц: 92


Язык: Английский

Размер: 7.20 Mб 



Elektor - популярный зарубежный журнал по электронике и схемотехнике

Elektor• Projects

8   3D Pad: Touchless Gesture Control Interface
An electrode plane PCB, an Arduino Uno, and a shield are the ingredients for DYI-ing a circuit that supplies reliable 3-dimensional co-ordinates data. From now on it's wave, don't touch!
18   Wireless Gateways
If you do not fancy writing SPI drivers for LPR radio modules, consider using an ATmega micro, it's sure to make life much easier as far as programming is concerned.
26   Intelligent Cuelight System for Theaters
As opposed to most cuelight systems, this one's got a microcontroller built in to give the Stage Manager very accurate control of timings in a play or performance. Shakespeare would have loved it.


34   Microcontroller BootCamp (2)
This month we cut our teeth on digital inputs, not necessarily limited to digital signals though as we also venture out to sawtooth waveforms and latchup effects.
42   An RGB LED Lamp
Traditional incandescent light sources found in night clubs, stage lighting, car instrument panels and interior room lighting have all benefited from a semi-conductor makeover. Here we add the convenience of a ready made hand-held remote controller.
48   Current Probe with Transimpedance Amp
To make precise measurements of alternating currents we use a wide variety of ferrite cores in conjunction with a simple circuit incorporating a transimpedance amplifier.
52   Grid Frequency Logger


Our popular Grid Frequency Monitor now gets extended and adapted to supply a stream of data enabling a log file to be compiled.
58   Elektor Radiation Meter using PC
Here Reinier Ott explains his methods of migrating the hugely popular Elektor Radiation Meter from ATmega to PIC, with some pretty impressive results.
74   Zero-Electrolytics 555 Timer
There's nothing scary or odd about using giga-ohm resistors, in fact for our application they are much preferred over leaky wide-tolerance electrolytics.


• Labs

64  PCB real estate 'transformed'
Does it take copper to build a power transformer? Yes, but not necessarily one with wire.
66   What's up with this cap? (2)
So what was that '105' print on last month's mystery capacitor all about in relation to '104' on the flip side?
68   Post and Win
This month: Join our live Q & A sessions on popular projects from the labs; Why copy/paste may not work on the labs website.

• DesignSpark

70   DesignSpark Tips & Tricks
Day #10: Custom Outline Models It's quite instructive to see what happens if you import a PCB back into a 3D model.


72   Unijunction Transistors
Weird Components—the series

• Industry

76   News & New Products
A selection of news items received from the electronics industry, labs and organizations.

• Regulars

80   Retronics
Speedy 1200+ Acoustic Modem (1984). A well-researched, critical recollection of digital communications over the telephone in the pre-internet age. Series Editor: Jan Buiting.
84    Hexadoku
The Original Elektorized Sudoku.
85    Gerard's Columns: Appearing Strong
A column or two from our columnist Gerard Fonte.
90   Next Month in Elektor
A sneak preview of articles on the Elektor publication schedule.



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