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Elektor №10 2014г
Раздел: Elektor

Elektor №10 2014г

Написал MACTEP 01.10.2014 16:10:00 (Просмотров: 6267)

Название: Elektor

Год: 2014

Номер: 10

Страниц: 71


Язык: Английский

Размер: 27.3 Mб 

Elektor - популярный зарубежный журнал по электронике и схемотехнике

• Projects

8. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Receiver
You can in fact receive some extremely interesting signals between 0 Hz and about 20 Hz. Using the receiver described here, an ADC module, an Arduino and some free PC software it is possible to receive and make recordings of these signals.
16. PWM Control for Flashlight
The main function of this unit is to reduce the brightness of an LED at the user's command. An additional function is also provided: the LED can be flashed at full intensity, which can come in handy for example when you are walking at night.
20. Temperature Sensor Board
This board is equipped with an ATtiny microcontroller and an RS-485 driver, and it is possible to connect several sensors in parallel to one board.
In addition we present some example firmware which communicates temperature readings using the ElektorBus protocol.
28. Dot Display driver
An indicator for four ranges, based on opamps, with LED readout.
30. Microcontroller BootCamp (6)
We delve into serial communication—specifically, using the SPI bus and associated protocol.
40. IoT & the Search for a Protocol
Calling engineers and software designers collaborate on a solid protocol for IoT devices.
42. Lux Meter
Don't believe the hype or the manufacturer—with this instrument you can reveal the real light intensity produced by lamps.
56. Chip Tip:
There's no end in manufacturers honing the performance of the voltage regulator. Here's a very advanced one.
68. Visual Basic on the Raspberry Pi
If Python is not up your street, try something a little easier—say. Visual Basic.

• Review

62. One for All
A technical look at the latest ICE Debugger/programmer Atmel says covers all of their AVR, Xmega and ARM-Cortex devices.
• Industry
72. News & New Products
A selection of news items received from the electronics industry, labs and organizations.

• DesignSpark

48. DesignSpark Tips & Tricks
Day #14: The Autorouter This month we drop manual PCB design work and unleash the autorouter.
50. Magnetrons
Weird Components—the series.

• Labs

52. 3D Printing Sure Can Be Useful
Clemens Valens convinces himself that a small percentage of 3D printed objects might just serve a purpose in electronics.
54. USB Fix
Help! The USB connection is broken! For real! Hardware-wise! Literally!

• Regulars

76. Retronics
A 1965 Telefunken Carphone A look at the infant years of the German mobile radio network. Series Editor: Jan Buiting.
84. Hexadoku
The Original Elektorized Sudoku.
85. Gerard's Columns: Knowledge vs. Understanding
A column or two from our columnist Gerard Fonte.
90. Next Month in Elektor
A sneak preview of articles on the Elektor publication schedule.



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