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Раздел: Elektor

Elektor №7-8 2014г

Написал MACTEP 15.08.2014 19:50:00 (Просмотров: 5196)

Название: Elektor

Год: 2014

Месяц: Июль - Август

Номер: 7-8

Страниц: 132


Язык: Английский

Размер: 19.0 Mб 



Elektor - популярный зарубежный журнал по электронике и схемотехнике

Contents   July & August 2014


  8  New Digital Oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz
Oscilloscope, DVM, Function Generator, FFT Analyzer in one instrument.

Project Generator

 10  IO-Warrior Expansion Board
By adding this universal interface card an old PC can be pressed into service as a measurement and control hub.
 22  Dice Clock
This remarkably accurate clock is built from CD4000 ICs from the1980s, yet has an innovative display.
 26  Opto-isolated PTT/CW Interface
Keep the PC and your ham radio kit electrically separated with this optoisolated interface. Also suitable for other RTS/DTR driven applications.
 35  Soldering On With the Weller
The famous WTCP ‘ticking’ solder station gets a clever update to prolong its life on your workbench.
 36  Animal Friendly Mousetrap
How to catch a mouse alive using just a few lines of PIC code.
 40  Brushed-to-Brushless Motor Conversion
Let’s do some chip tuning for radiocontrolled models.
 44  Farmer-Goat-Wolf-Cabbage Game
An age old game now cast in contemporary guise meaning it’s got a microcontroller.
 48  SAME:  
Chip-8 Video Games Emulator
Cries of joy at recognizing Chip-8, now played on the Single Arcade Ma-chine Emulator, and it’s PSoC based for sure.
 57  TH LED Matching &  Sorting Accessory
A tool to finally sort those undetermined LEDs hiding in your component drawers.
 58  Microcontroller BootCamp (4)
Thanks all for participating & responding to the course! We continue with User Interfaces.
 66  My First Shield :-)
An LED / Button / Display & More shield for the Arduino, with Bascom support.
 71  Simple Transistor Tester
Tests and identifies leads on NPN, PNP bipolar devices, JFETs and (V) MOSFETs.
 72  Acupunctural  
NiCd Battery Conditioner
How needle-shaped discharge pulses can help to revitalize them old NiCad’s.
 73  Blown Fuse Indicator
LED gives Dead-Or-Alive verdict on fuse.
 84  500-ppm LCR Meter: Feedback
A roundup of corrections and small improvements to our popular LCR meter.
 88  Stage Tuner for Guitars
Tune into: FFT implemented on an ARM Cortex ARM M4 micro on a TI Launchpad.
 98  IR Tester with Solar Cell Power Supply
No battery needed—sunshine valued though.
 99  LM317 Turns 78xx
Because we can, mainly.
  100 Spirit-Level Acoustic Aid
Now you can hear the spirit level reach its exact position.
  101 Power Outlet Tester using Bicolor LEDs
Unerringly find the Phase line on the wall outlet.
  102 Current Boost for USB Lithium Charger
Maxing out the current that can be sourced by the USB port.
  104 RC Speed Control for DC Motors
PWM speed control developed using Flowcode, with lots of user options, on a remarkably small board.
  110 Experimenting with NFC
Did you know your Elektor Member card is NFC ready?
  112 Water Pump Regulator
This circuit overcomes some of the drawbacks of water distribution pumps installed on yachts, RVs, and pleasure craft.


 74  Optical Theremin  with myDAQ & LabView
Be your own conductor —and a programming LabView user too.
 78  DesignSpark Tips & Tricks
Day #12: Using Buses. We delve into bused structures frequently needed on circuit boards.
 80  Tunnel Diodes
Weird Components—the series.


 81  It’s Tag Time!
With a variety of clocks & things ticking on the Elektor labs website, some tagging is called for to stay organized.
 82  Arduino is a Tool
Got a problem Google can’t solve? Arduino is your best friend.


 30  Review:  
Analog Discovery from Digilent
Analog design and its tuition make a comeback with this refreshing USB oscilloscope kit from Digilent.
116 News & New Products
A selection of news items received from the electronics industry, labs and organizations


  120 Hexadoku
The Original Elektorized Sudoku.
  122 Retronics
Hewlett Packard 71B Number Cruncher (1984).
Admit, admit! You too wanted one of these but no hope on a student budget back then. Series Editor: Jan Buiting.
  125 Gerard’s Columns: Stacked
A column or two from our columnist Gerard Fonte.
  130 Next Month in Elektor
A sneak preview of articles on the Elektor publication schedule.



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