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Agamem Electronics Inc

Roots in digital image processing and CCTV industry
Agamem released 8-bit DAC (AA88347) in 2002 and vertical driver IC (AA87222) in 2004, and got a lot of use from CCTV Manufacturers (global market share exceeded 50 And then again he launched an analog video front-end IC (AA88043) in 2009, and launched video amplifier IC (AA8631), further gain market recognitionAnd lay the Agamem industry leader in CCTV

Agamem was not complacent, and further combined with the global technical talent, in 2011 launched the world's first a 5-in-1 image processing chipset (ISP) Access to markets and customers with strong response from a large number of products available, from Agamem by the CCTV peripheral IC vendors degenerated into complete solutions provider

In view of the customer's expectations for high-definition image quality, Agamem was continue a leading global launch 1080P HD-SDI single board solution And 2013/07 launched the world's best C/P CCTV solution based on 960H / 760H / 510H CCD. Not only 1080P HD-SDI program's success and total solution 960H CCD wide acclaim, but also enhance the Agamem leadership position in the CCTV industry In recent years, frequent terrorist attacks around the world, personal security and preventive management has become a hot school of learning.

Agamem hopes he enlighs the hope of digital video security, let into the new era of security video Make our environment more brighter, safer world.

A professional IC design house located in Hsin-Chu and was founded in 1990. Agamem is a fabless IC company engaging in IC design, research, development and sales in the field of Surveillance,Power Management,Audio Amplifier,Sound Effect Processor,Servo Motor Controller and RF products. Our technologies are focusing on the field of CMOS Analog and Bipolar Analog. Our goal is to provide the best product, the lowest cost and on time delivery to achieve "Win-Win" long-term partnership. To be a world-class brand name is our vision in Integrated Circuit Industry.

Логотип: Agamem Electronics Inc Сайт: http://www.agamem.com.tw/


Если, нет специального оборудования, типа паяльной станции и фенов, для отпайки микрочипа можно воспользоваться тонким фторопластовым проводом.


Полихлорвиниловые трубки легче натянуть на изолируемые предметы (отвертки, пинцеты, радиодетали), если на 15-20 мин поместить их в ацетон.

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