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EPN – Europe’s premier source of Electronic Product News since 1972

EPN has been Europe’s premier source of Electronic Product News for 40 years (1972-2012). EPN's editorial team delivers objective product and technology updates, giving comprehensive coverage of the fast-paced electronics industry. An authoritative mix of staff-written editorial and contributed articles from the world’s leading electronics companies.

Each month, EPN reports on all key product categories within the electronics industry with coverage ranging from design to distribution, from ICs to enclosures. EPN’s core mission is to keep European design engineers aware of the latest new products in the market so the designs they are working on benefit from the very latest and most cost-effective technology.

The quality and effectiveness of EPN’s circulation is second to none with a reach of 30,000 electronics professionals across 40 countries in Europe and its periphery. EPN is available in digital format only since 2011 giving readers instant access (at the click of a mouse) to datasheets, white papers, pricing information and other relevant technical data buried deep on suppliers’ websites.

Логотип: EPN Сайт: http://www.epn-online.com


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