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TriQuint Semiconductor

We Are TriQuint—Reaching Further, Reaching Faster

We are TriQuint—leaders in advanced, high-performance RF solutions. We serve customers worldwide in mobile devices, network infrastructure and defense and aerospace markets.

We reach further, with solutions that boost performance and extend reach while reducing size and bill of materials. We reach faster, utilizing our broad technology portfolio to simplify complex RF challenges and enable our customers a better time to market. We are a high-volume supplier of active and passive components and unique in our ability to provide integrated solutions.

Connecting People Is Our Purpose

The RF advances we make produce faster data exchange rates, extended mobile battery life and better amplification for weak signals. But success to us is more than the specifications in our data sheets. Success is connecting people.

This can be as gratifying as connecting a weary traveler with a loved one to say "good night" or as powerful as saving a life in a remote location. Connecting people is our purpose.

Логотип: TriQuint Semiconductor Сайт: http://www.triquint.com/


Крупную деталь можно паять и обычным паяльником (25-40 Вт), если разогреть ее, например, на газовой плите.


Семь раз отмерь, один раз отрежь. И не перепутай!