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Passionate Thinking

TRW Automotive is among the world's largest automotive suppliers and is one of the top financial performers in the industry, with 2011 sales of $16.2 billion.  We are passionate about delivering the safety that everyone deserves.

  • supplies more than 40 major vehicle manufacturers and 250 nameplates
  • holds leading positions in all of its primary product categories
  • find out more on


As the leader in automotive safety, TRW produces advanced active systems in braking; steering and suspension; and sophisticated occupant safety systems, including airbags, seat belts and steering wheels. TRW has over 60,000 employees working in more than 185 locations in every vehicle-producing region worldwide.

Advanced Thinking

With research and development, manufacturing and sales facilities located around the world, TRW is positioned to meet the changing demands of both established and emerging markets with advanced and affordable safety solutions.

Логотип: TRW Сайт: http://www.trw.com/


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